We Are Blessed to Have You!!

Welcome to True Holiness!

I am Elder D. Michael Fischer.  I came to True Holiness Walnut Hills when it was located in Loveland, Ohio, in 1997.  I was filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized in Jesus name that same year.   I am one of the Associate Pastors to our Senior Pastor, Bishop Dr. Pamela Smith.  13 years ago, I was happily married to Evangelist Tiara Fischer and we have  3 wonderful children.Elder Fischer

In my national position as Presiding Elder,  I serve as the overseer of the Congregational Division II, of Missions & Ministries Division of THAT United International.  My  responsibilities are to guide the National Ushers Alliance and National Sunday School Association.

For over 20 years now I have been blessed by the anointed ministry of our Senior Pastor. I am grateful to be among a group of people that has genuinely cared about my growth both spiritual and naturally.  

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