I am Glad that You Chose True Holiness!

Hello!  My name is Sister Crystal Smith and I am married to Paul Smith for 15 years.

I was 5 years old when my parents brought me to True Holiness.  I had the opportunity to work in the usher board, young people’s mass choir, and attend the Holiness Young People’s Union.  I grew up in True Holiness and witnessed many things that the Lord has done through our leaders and members as well.  From my childhood and into my adult years, I have heard so many testimonies of victory from sin, sickness, and problems of various kinds.  Sister Crystal SmithSo, I hope you will commit to be an active member of True Holiness, so that you can witness the same.

Currently, I am the Sunday School Superintendent and Church Secretary.   I have been a member of True Holiness for over 30 years. My education is in Business Administration and Management and I have worked in our national Administration for over 21 years.

I’m one of the National Electronic Calendar Administrators for our shepherd organization and assists the Presiding Bishop in keeping the churches well-informed of national events, various training opportunities, and seminars.  I am also the calendar administrator for Walnut Hills.  So anytime you need to know the schedules of Walnut Hills’ services and events, just go to the website and click on Events Calendar and you will see all the dates and times of events listed there.  If you need further assistance you may email me at thwh2secretary@aol.com

We are tremendously blessed that you are a part of our congregation. I look forward to fellowshipping with you and welcome you and encourage you to participate weekly in the Sunday School Department.

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