Our Staff is Here For You!

This web page is presented to you on behalf of the Pastor’s Staff, the Sunday School Superintendent, the New Member Orientation Superintendent, Church Administrators, Auxiliary Presidents, Deacons, and Elders.

Greetings, New Member!

One of us will be assigned as a guide to each new member, to assist him or her through this New Member Orientation process of True Holiness Walnut Hills.  If you do not find what you are looking for here, feel free to contact one of us.  We can provide the details that the Orientation sites do not have.    Each one of us will be able to answer your questions or find for you the person who can.

Therefore, we wholeheartedly extend warm greetings to you. 

We are anxious to be of help and look forward to the many conversations that we will have with you.  You have made the right choice to join this congregation!  And we are glad that God has added you to our church family.

In order to help you become better acquainted with your new church home, this  New Member Orientation  provides an easy transition into this new community.  It will also present to you all the wonderful opportunities and exciting information about your new church. We want you to get off to a good start in your new membership at True Holiness.

We are excited about God sending you to work with us in worship and ministry.

We want you to feel welcome. We invite you to ask questions, share ideas, and lend a helping hand with special projects. We know that True Holiness is blessed because you have joined us. 

We compare this New Member Orientation to a tour that takes you through the True Holiness Walnut Hills community, so you can learn of all the activities and to meet new friends, and the pastoral staff that make up this blessed body of believers.  We hope you will be enlightened and will commit to remain a member in True Holiness for many years to come.

Just relax and enjoy the journey! 

We are here to guide you through this ministry’s rich history, victorious accomplishments, and notable events of True Holiness Walnut Hills.  You will hear how God blessed this church and how he wants to bless you here, too. In Sunday School and Tuesday night Bible Study sessions the pastor’s staff will guide you through the Holy Scriptures that give True Holiness its foundation, to let you know that we are a Bible believing and Spirit-led congregation.

Join us on this tour!

And be sure to read through all of the orientation information, so that you will be prepared for future discussions.  The Superintendent of  the New Member Orientation will provide you with a short questionnaire booklet to complete, while you are reading the information.  At a later date, you will review the questionnaire at a special one-hour session, usually during Sunday School, to make certain that you understand the relationships between the pastor, congregation, and you…the new memberYour church membership will be gratifying to you, only if you confirm your ongoing commitment to the pastor and congregation. 

We eagerly anticipate that you will commit your talents and spiritual gifts to this work and apply your heart to serving God in the beauty of holiness. 

You may contact any of the following people to respond to your needs and ask how you can participate in one or more of the auxiliaries listed below.

Click on each name to read about them?


The Elders are

Elder Reginald Schooler

Elder D. Michael Fischer

Elder Norman Stokes

Elder Edwina Robbison

The Deacon Board members are

Deacon Jessie Thomas

Deacon Edward Patton

Deacon Toni Worsham

Deacon Philip Worsham, Sr.

The Sunday School Superintendent 

Sister Crystal Smith

New Member Orientation Superintendent, 

Evangelist Theresa Schooler

The Usher Board President, 

Sister Danielle Scott

The Missionary Circle President,

Evangelist Nadine Stokes

The MissionHOPE Outreach Lead Coordinator,

Evangelist Tiara Fischer

The  Finance Department Officer

Evangelist Victoria Kinley

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