What is a Room?

The word “room” is used as a motif throughout this website.

What Is A Motif?

A motif is a recurring symbol which takes on a figurative meaning. We see them in books, films, poems; in fact almost every text commonly uses the literary device of the motif. A motif can be almost anything: an idea, an object, a concept, a character archetype, the weather, a color or even a statement. Motifs are used to establish a theme or a certain mood, they have a symbolic meaning. [education-portal.com]

“A Room for You, Prayer Room, Reading Room, Room of Worship” are symbols for spaces the are unoccupied by anyone else or unobstructed by the cares of this life at the time you enter. The name of each room on this website is a description of its contents and purpose for those who enter the space.  Each room is an opportunity to receive comfort, knowledge, exhortation, inspiration, and encouragement.  Consider each room to be a place within your sanctuary, to retreat from the cares of this world…if only for a minute.

Visit each room and enjoy your journey!

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