The Senior Pastor’s Responsibility to YOU

Our Senior Pastor Bishop Dr. Pamela Smith is charged by God to provide pastoral care (1 Peter 5:2-4) for the sheep of God and to teach biblical doctrine, righteous living, and to assure that the same is carried out by others. 


Her Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities are to:

Feed the flock of God (as a shepherd)

Defend the word of God (as a shepherd)

Guide you when in need of help (as a shepherd)

Discipline the church (as a shepherd)

Be mature in judgments (as an elder)

Be respected throughout the community-at-large (as an elder)

Oversee ministerial administration (as an overseer)

Use godly business management practices (as the head trustee/business agent)

Be an example of a holy lifestyle  (as an elder)

Lead in church financial decisions (as the head trustee)

Oversee management of the internal and external ministries of the congregation (as an overseer)

Support, oversee, train, and evaluate ministerial leadership and administrative staff members (as an overseer)

Ensure that church facilities are functioning properly (as the head trustee/business agent)

Reference: D. A. Carson (For the Love of God, vol. 1, [Crossway: 1998] Nov. 2):

Bishop Dr. Smith is committed to providing spiritual leadership for each member of the church. The congregation will never arrive at the church and find a disorganized worship service.  She will make certain that weekly sermons are presented by experienced and dedicated elders, when she is unavailable and  worship services will be planned ahead of the scheduled time, with the intent to minister to every attendee’s expectations.  However, since the services are directed by God, we will remain available to him, through the direction of the Holy Ghost; which means our planned program is subject to change.

Also as senior pastor, Dr. Smith’s responsibility is to officially interpret biblical scripture for the congregation, so that there will be no confusion.  She is experienced in providing care and counseling to church members and assist them in crisis situations. 

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