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Welcome to Our Usher BoardUsher Board-2

Ushers are extremely important in conveying friendliness and hospitality to worshippers as they enter the building—to both True Holiness members and their visitors. As a member, you will set the tone by extending the first welcome to each worshipper and what you do contributes immensely to the orderliness of the service. Adult ushers are specially trained to control activities during worship and emergencies.  Ushers from ages 12 to 17 will assist as needed.

The Usher Board is often called a ministry, but to clarify the use of the word ministry, it means that it is a ministry of helps that provides for the individual’s environmental needs, while the pastor ministers to the individual’s spiritual needs.  Because ushers support the work of the gospel ministry, the Usher Board is referred to as a ministry of helps.

Another term that is a description for the Usher Board is “auxiliary,” which means to provide help, which is similar to the term Ministry of Helps.  This unit is a very important function of the worship services and church business meetings, because it is an auxiliary that helps the pastor in maintaining order.

The Usher and Evangelism!

The usher is the first impression of the worship service that the worshipper receives. No matter how well the choir sings, or how inspiring the message, if a visitor or member is not welcomed, served,  or is insulted by an usher, their readiness for worship service is obstructed.

The Missionary Circle would love to have you Join Us!

Come join us!  The purpose of our Missionary Circle is to serve on a spiritual and humanitarian basis to assist the economic disadvantaged, to comfort the downtrodden, to impart knowledge of temporal things as well as knowledge of the Word of God. Missionary Circle_Website

Adults are members of our Missionary Circle who are the planning and steering coordinators for the entire church, under the direction of the pastor.  They make certain that a response is given to the bereaved, sick, shut in, and homeless church members.  Those that are in the church’s communities will also receive assistance with resources and prayer.

But we read  in the Bible that missionary work began soon after the early church started, and spread rapidly throughout the world, due to the great zeal of the Apostles and those receiving the gospel. Missionaries took the gospel throughout the Roman Empire, including North Africa and, later, the Americas.  Unlike some of the missionaries in the 1st century church, True Holiness missionaries are responsible more for humanitarian relief and small group worship, within the parameters of the church’s local neighborhoods and city-wide communities.

Our Kids 4 Christ Puppet Ministry   

This is a children’s outreach ministry of the Sunday School Department.Puppet 1

The Kids 4 Christ Puppet Ministry was developed to be one of many evangelism tools used by the Sunday School Department to impact the lives of children and their families, in the church and surrounding community. Members of all ages are invited to participate in this ministry.  The plays, skits, and musical presentations bring the Bible to life and helps children remember lessons learned. The lessons learned will help them succeed in their spiritual walk with God and encourage them to become productive citizens as well.

What is MissionHOPE Outreach Ministries?

You are welcome to work in this ministry.  MissionHOPE of Walnut Hills is an outreach ministry of compassion and evangelism.   It branched out from our church’s Local Missionary Circle, to extend ministry into its surrounding communities.  This ministry demonstrates a hand-up, not a hand-out ministry… “Love gifts” and evangelism literature are presented to more than 150 homes each month, to encourage “progressive change,” rather than an “instant solution.”

Mission Statement

This outreach ministry of True Holiness Covenant of Peace Assembly of Walnut Hills endeavors to assist families and individuals within our communities, with their temporal needs.  The ministry seeks to minister to the needs of the whole person – physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual.

Vision Statement

The desired outcome is to fulfill the commission recorded in Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15 – 18; and Luke 24:47,  by creating an environment that also gives the water of the word of God to those who thirst.  MissionHOPE’s vision is to assist in the spiritual and environmental growth that will promote strong communities, in the Walnut Hills, Evanston, and Avondale neighborhoods of C!incinnati, Ohio.

We Look Forward to Seeing You In  Sunday School!

Welcome to our Sunday School Ministry

The superintendent of our Sunday school oversees the administration and teaching staff.  Together they enlist the cooperation of the whole church.  The superintendent assists the pastor to maintain a effective learning environment, by overseeing the collection of the Sunday school offering, appointing and training teachers, ordering teaching and study materials, ordering general supplies and ringing the bells to signal start and stop of classroom instruction.

The Sunday School’s Special ProgramsJPEG-WalnutHills_SundaySch6

  1. 1st Sunday Rally Day,
  2. Kids 4 Christ Puppet Ministry
  3. Doctrinal Studies for members and
  4. New Membership Information Sessions.

The Assistant Sunday School Superintendent

The Assistant Sunday School Superintendent assists the Superintendent in the management of the Sunday school and leads when the head is not available.

Our Sunday School Teachers

Sunday School Teachers prepare and teach the Sunday school lessons and prepares each class to present a review of the lessons taught for the parents.

Our Sunday School Chaplain

Opens Sunday School with brief Devotional

The Sunday School Secretary

Collect offerings from each class and records weekly activities in a ledger.

Rally Day

Rally Day is held during Sunday school, in various times of the year.  It is scheduled on the 1st Sunday of the month. Prior to each class, breakfast is served for parents and children, who are church members and nonmembers who are registered for Sunday school classes. Our Kids 4 Christ Puppet Ministry delivers a presentation on that day as well.

You Will Enjoy Singing in The Church Choir Ministry!  We Need You.

Every ministry in the church must have a purpose. The church choir is no exception. The choir is very important to the pastoral ministry, because it precedes the preaching and assists the pastor when the invitation to the altar is extended.  The choir also teaches the congregation Church Choirhymns, Christmas and Easter songs.

Each member of our local choir is also eligible to worship, perform in concerts, and record with the national United Mass Choir of our united congregations.  This choir composes, arranges, and copyrights its own songs that ministers to the saved and unsaved.

Come sing along with us the songs of Zion.


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