The Healing Room

“Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord.” What does it mean to anoint “in the name of the Lord”? This is not a magical incantation we utter to somehow force God’s hand. (James 5:14)

Are you looking for a miracle of healing?  The following testimonies of the saints will bless you and, hopefully, encourage you to trust God for your healing.


Elder Edwina Robbison

Memories of Blessings

I have been a member of the Walnut Hills Church since 1989.  I have received many blessings and healings from the Lord during my membership here. I recall receiving healing during a convocation when the Lord delivered me from pain/arthritis in my leg. The Lord anointed an Elder to pray and lay hands on me. What joy I felt when the Elder came to me.  I’m so grateful to hear from the Lord when we assemble together.  I felt a sense of “yes this is it” when she spoke the words “the Lord says it will be gradual”-meaning the healing.  I was assured spiritually that it would happen.  AND IT DID.  A few days later upon waking up in the morning the pain was gone. The Lord does things to increase our faith.

During the last few months (Jan-Feb) my doctor suggested that I have the annual colonoscopy. Not wanting to experience this procedure (as some who has had it will understand)-I relented and made an appointment.

The doctor performed the colonoscopy and found a mass which looked like cancer. The mass had to be removed and tested at the lab.  The surgeon performed the operation. The results–not cancer. It was caught just in time. No radiation, no chemotherapy- just joy and gladness in what the Lord had done. And yet there is more. God is good.


Elder Norman Stokes


I had somehow acquired a swollen right leg. For many years it was so painful and bloated, twice the normal size of the other leg. One day when I was at the mall, a stranger that sat next to me took notice; she gave me words of comfort at that time. I searched diligently trying to find a remedy for this condition, so that I would not have to use a cane. It felt like there was a heavy weight to my leg, and at times it felt weakened by the condition. I suffered with this for eight years.

I continued to faithfully press on to my services, looking and praying for a miracle. One day after one of the services when the praises were high, I went home and was sitting on the edge of my bed and the LORD spoke to me. He said to take my hands and move the leg a certain way while it was hanging off the bed. He then told me to pray, and after a few minutes the swelling began to go down, slowly. I found that I was able to walk better. Out of habit, I looked for the pain and the swelling repeatedly thereafter.

My leg was now a normal size just like the other leg. It is also equally as strong, even to this day. I was now totally healed! Every time I look at my leg, I praise God for being at a church where the gifts of miracles are operative. To God be the glory for the things He has done!


Sister Antonia Walker

I would like to share several ways God has blessed me.

In 2005, my husband was diagnosed with a muscle disease and diabetes which made him ineligible to work.  As his muscle disease progressed, it became difficult for him to walk.   However, I continued to trust God! I had become my husband’s caregiver to ensure that his needs were met at home.  I could not place him in assisted living.  God continued to show us favor!

I prayed earnestly for God to heal him; I petitioned the church for prayer as well. My husband began attending the Walnut Hills church, even though he could not walk.  My nephew would carry him from the car into the church, each Sunday.  He began to improve and after a while, he began walking again!  He no longer needed a caretaker; he was able to perform his activities of daily living alone.  God healed!

His doctors were astonished because they stated they had never seen such tremendous improvement so quickly.  I explained that it was God that performed this miracle!

God worked several miracles!  The home God blessed us with was maintained even though our income decreased significantly, God always provided for our needs and made ways possible for us!

God healed my husband and me.  I can recall having a slight tear in my rotary cuff and was told I would need surgery.  I prayed before the Lord and He worked a miracle that I would not need surgery.  I can also recall having trouble with my legs and back and I would fall down because my legs would give way; God delivered.  The bible says, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.”  Throughout my many circumstances in life, God has blessed me over and over and continues to bless me!


Evangelist Victoria KM Kinley

Phone to Phone Miracle

My nephew was a student at University of Cincinnati, at this time.  He was sick and needed a transplant, so they transported to a hospital in Pittsburgh PA.

In the month of July 1988, I receive a phone from my brother while we were having service he ask for prayer for his son.  At this time my nephew was in the hospital, located in the city of Pittsburgh in need of a liver transplant, those that was present began to pray over the phone for healing and to guide the doctors.

The day before the transplant was supposed to take place, my nephew had a fever in his body that was too high, so they could not do the transplant so sometime after that he received a healing from God and the doctors could not explain what had happen. My nephew returned home.  Thank God for the miracle and today is he working and never had a transplant. God is a miracle worker

Galatians Chapter 3 verse 5:
He therefore that ministereth to you the Spirit, and worketh miracles among you doeth he it by works of the law, or by the healing of faith?


Deacon Toni Worsham

Blessings and Miracles

My family arrived about ten years ago to be members of the Walnut Hills congregation.  Shortly after being here I found that I was going to have a fifth child.  There were many complications in the beginning and it was thought that I may lose this child.  My pastor, Bishop Smith and Mother Robbison laid hands on me and prayed prayers of faith and victory.

The child arrived a month early and the delivery was very difficult.  He was a miracle.  His cord was in a knot and his natural life source was being cut off.  The first year was filled with constant illness.  At about a year old he had what was to be his first asthma attack.  The second was particularly bad. He was rushed to the hospital barely breathing and turning blue.  The Lord preserved his life like no other could.

The child is here today with no asthma issues for three years.  I thank God for the prayers of my pastor and Mother Robbison.  The prayers of the righteous do availeth much.


Just Remember…

God designed us to be whole people—body, soul and spirit. And God cares about the totality of who we are, not just our spiritual side. He is the one who gave us bodies, after all, and all he made he declared to be good (Genesis 1:31). The health of our bodies matters to him; he knows and cares when we’re sick.   (Bible Study

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